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About Us

We supply reconditioned electric wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters to the UK West Midlands areas and surrounding counties. We take a pride in the fine tuning of high quality nearly new and used equipment; selected on the basis of high functionality and practicality. Value for money is key, and having had very little use, some of our trols are near to equalling new condition, yet are priced at only 25% of their counterparts recommended retail price.
Please browse through our trols, the pictures have been photographed by us, although they have a white background they are of the actual items for sale, and not generic stock photos, unless otherwise stated. Items that are listed as 'sold', often remain in the list, this is to give customers an idea of our usual prices, and also if you like one of the sold items, we can let you know as soon as we have the same item in again.
In the first instance we prefer to discuss with our customers directly by telephone, so that we can understand their thoughts and ideas in order that we can deliver the most relevant solution for their needs. Most people have something specific in mind, it may be simply a small portable mobility scooter for days out, or a manoeuvrable powerchair for indoor use and shopping days out, or maybe a larger electric wheelchair for everyday use with additional functionality such as a powered seat lift or powered seat recline or tilt-in-space functions fitted.

Quality. All of our machines are fully cleaned and serviced to an optimum aesthetic and functional condition, full electrical tests and lubrication of all moving parts etc. is standard on our machines, as well as upholstery and hand grips etc. being in the finest condition. Where applicable, pneumatic tyres are treated with OKO off-road puncture proofing gel, this provides a defence against punctures while still keeping the added comfort of an air filled tyre.
New batteries are fitted to our scooters powerchairs and wheelchairs unless otherwise stated or requested. We test all of our batteries even the new ones for capacity before fitting them so we can be sure they are in top condition and will last for that long journey. Where possible the maximum travel-range with the current batteries will be stated in a chairs specification page.

Warranty. We provide a simple and straight forward extended-warranty service-contract (without the presence of misleading small-print) on all of our chairs, either 3 month, 6 month or 12 months. It is our goal and we will make every effort to provide a satisfactory service for our customer's enjoyment. If in the event the item stops working or that the item stops working as it should do, then we will re-advise on proper operation if applicable, and if needed then we will attempt to repair the item. If repair attempts prove unsuccessful then a full refund will be given on return of the item. Warranty does not cover anything other than mechanical failure from normal usage. Exclusions include "acts of God", owner abuse, and malicious destruction. They also exclude parts that normally wear out such as tires and lubrication on a vehicle, and does not include batteries outside normal wear due to time and usage.

Delivery, pickup and payment options. Pickups are preferred in most cases so that multiple chairs can be tested out for size and comfort by the potential user of the chair before making a purchase so to reduce the possibility of the returning of an unsuitable item to a minimum. Deliveries within a hundred miles or so from WV14 7LF are possible in some cases.
Currently, and at least following a telephone consultation; Cash payments can be made on collection or delivery of a item. However in the case of a delivery; a non returnable delivery fee must be paid prior to delivery via PayPal, The cost of this could range from £0 to £65 depending on the distance from WV14 7LF.
The first thing is to contact us and discuss your requirements.

Contact Information
07947148375 mobile
08001950617 free-phone

Electric wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters

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